Having the chassis set-up correctly is crucial if you want to get the most out of your car. For this reason, we offer a set-up service for all our build, preparation and track support customers. We also offer full geometry as a stand alone service for anyone who wants to maximise their car's potential on track.


An incorrectly set-up car will have a range of characteristics, these include; poor handling through corners, uneven tyre wear, not steering straight, among others.


To get accurate readings when completing the set-up, the car must be placed on a perfectly level floor. Despite the floor of the workshop looking level to the eye, in fact, there could be a couple of degrees difference. Even if you use 'self leveling floor' concrete/paint, it will never be 100% level.

This is why we use fully-adjustable leveling pads to sit the wheels on. These pads are set to with 0.5 degree from each other. If one pad is sat too high, when we corner weight it, it will tell us that there is more weight pushing on that wheel meaning an imbalance in the cross-axle weight figures, which may not be the case if the pads were level.



We can adjust Camber, Corner weights, Ride height and Tracking (Toes).


It is always best to complete the set-up with the weight of a driver and all

his (or her) gear in the drivers seat, this can be boring for anyone to have

to sit in the car for a couple of hours, so we will ask you for your weight,

and we will sit some ballast on the seat instead.

The reason we require a driver weight is so that we can get the corner

weight, and ride height correct for when you are in the car. After all, the

car will not be going round the track without you at the controls! It will

also affect the Toe and Camber, but not as much. We will always do the

set-up with a driver weight.


Between the wheels and the leveling pads, we place slip plates. This is to allow the car to settle to its normal ride height when lowered on to the pads. Have you ever changed a tyre, lowered it to the ground and noticed the car wasn't sat level anymore, but after driving/pushing the car about, it looks level again? This is because the tyre cannot handle the sideways force the suspension needs to move to drop back into its normal position, by rolling the car, the suspension can settle properly. By lowering the car onto slip plates it enables the car to settle into its normal position with no sideways friction on the tyre.



Our kit is mobile so we can bring it with us to the track for a test day and can modify the settings to get the optimum set-up for each track for you. Every car and driver will have different driving styles so this is the best way to get the car set-up for the serious racers. 

For everyone else, or those with a tight budget, we can give you a base set-up, in the workshop. This will still be a vast improvement on how the car was when you brought it to us and will transform the handling.


For more information, or for a quote, please don't hesitate to get in touch.