• Sam Martin

ALMS round 3

The last 2 weeks have been spent in Malaysia and Thailand.

Round 3 was in Sepang, Malaysia. This was a condensed week, because we had to get the containers up to Thailand for a race the following weekend!

This was a weekend of pure luck for our number 2 car.

Unusually, for this kind of racing, the qualifying session was scheduled to take place in the morning, just a couple of hours before the race was due to commence.

Once Parc-Ferme was opened, we noticed that the Bell housing on the gearbox had cracked! (the Bell housing is also where the engine oil tank is located!) This needed to be replaced, and quick!

Luckily, Oreca, the engine guys had a spare bell housing, but it needed building up (studs etc fitting in the correct places)

We were up against it, and the drivers had lost hope of racing, when, as if by magic, a large clap of thunder rolled through, followed by a heavy rain shower and some more claps of thunder and flashes of light. One of these lightening bolts maganed to take out one of the marshal posts (Dont worry, the marshalls were ok) and it also took ot the computor systems needed to control the start of the race. This delayed the start of the race! Meanwhile every other car was on the grid, and we were working flat out to get the car rebuilt.

As luck would have it, they announced "the race would restart in 10 minutes" just as we were finishing the car off. This means that we could start the race, all be it, 1 lap down. Coli and Tony drove their socks off, and managed to get the car up to 4th by the time the checkred flag fell. This, keeping our hopes of winning the championship alive!

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