• Sam Martin

ALMS round 2

Last week we attended round 2 of the Asian Le-Mans Series. This time we were down under, in Adelaide, Australia.

It was a weekend of 2 halfs unfortunately.

Our car, the number 2 LMP3 had a great weekend, despite the summer weather, reaching over 40degrees on some days.

We managed to secure Pole position and follow that through with a lights to flag victory in the race! Unfortunately, it wasnt celebrations in the other side of the garage, however, due to a heavy crash in FP1 we had to re-tub the number 3 car, using a spare tub that one of the other teams had hidng away in their container. We managed to get the car rebuilt in time for qualifying, but unfortunately the engine siezed during the first half of qualifying resulting in them finishing at the back. We worked late into the night to swap and rebuild engines so the number 3 car could start Sundays race, and it did!

However, to add insult to injury, on the in-lap for the 1st of the 3 pitstops, it managed to snap a drive shaft, and therefore not make it back to the pits.

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